Olaroz Stage 2 Expansion Press Conference at the Sales de Jujuy Olaroz Lithium Facility in September 2019 September 12, 2019

Sales de Jujuy, the local operating company of the Olaroz Lithium Facility (Olaroz) has hosted the Governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales who conducted a press conference to discuss the Stage 2 Expansion of Olaroz, employment of local Jujuy community members and the promising future of lithium production in the region.

Commenting on the employment of local community members, Morales said “we should be proud of our work together with the communities and the large number of Jujuian operators working for Sales de Jujuy”, with special emphasis on the “high industrial technology we have for production”.

“They are working with an open mind to the world and that is what we want, that our products and their added value are exported and inserted into world markets,” he said, which ratified the direction and provincial commitment “to sustain this project. with all our effort and energy”.

The event was attended by Minister of Infrastructure, Public Services, Land and Housing, Jorge Rizzotti; the president of the board of Drinking Water of Jujuy, Víctor Galarza; the Secretary of Mining and Hydrocarbons, Miguel Soler; the Secretary of Indigenous Peoples, Alejandra Liquín; the President of JEMSE, Carlos Oehler; Managing Director and CEO of Orocobre, Martín Pérez de Solay; Chief Operating Officer, Hersen Porta; Sales de Jujuy General Manager of Operations, Francisco Torres; together with workers and technical staff from Olaroz.

It should be noted that journalists from all over the province of Jujuy visited the Sales de Jujuy facilities. See links below for media coverage of the event.

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EVENT LIVE STREAM VIDEO: Sales de Jujuy (Facebook) | Afianzamos la Producción de Litio en la Puna Jujeña

EVENT IMAGE GALLERY: Sales de Jujuy (Facebook) | Conferencia de Prensa: Olaroz, Etapa 2 de Expansión

LOCAL MEDIA ARTICLE: Somos Jujuy | Expansión tendrá una proyección de 300 millones de dólares

LOCAL MEDIA ARTICLE: El Tribuno | Mayores perspectivas de inserción laboral en Olaroz

LOCAL MEDIA ARTICLE: El Tribuno | Proyecto de litio aumentará su producción en un 142%

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