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Annual Report - 2018 - OROCOBRE_Annual-Report-2018_FINAL1.pdf
16 October 2018 Download
Annual Report - 2017 - ORO004 - Annual Report 2017_WEB1.pdf
27 October 2017 Download
Annual Report - 2016 - ASX13Oct16_AnnualReport_20161.pdf
13 October 2016 Download
Annual Report - 2015 - ASX_23Sep15_Announ_Orocore_Annual_Report1.pdf
23 September 2015 Download
Annual Report - 2014 - ASX_29SEP14_AnnualReport2014.pdf
29 September 2014 Download
Annual Report - 2013 - ASX_30Oct13_AnnualReport2013.pdf
30 October 2013 Download
30 October 2012 Download
28 October 2011 Download
27 October 2010 Download
30 September 2009 Download
Annual Report - 2008 - ASX_26Oct08_AnnualReport2008.pdf
27 October 2008 Download

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  • Orocobre Market Update – Online Briefing

    Orocobre Market Update – Online Briefing

    To listen to a recording of Orocobre’s latest teleconference webcast briefing, where Managing Director & CEO Mr. Martín Pérez de Solay discusses the Quarterly Activities Report for the period ended 31 March 2019, click on the media player below.
  • Sorry, graphene — borophene is the new wonder material that’s got everyone excited

    Sorry, graphene — borophene is the new wonder material that’s got everyone excited

    Stronger and more flexible than graphene, a single-atom layer of boron could revolutionize sensors, batteries, and catalytic chemistry. Not so long ago, graphene was the great new wonder material. A super-strong, atom-thick sheet of carbon “chicken wire,” it can form tubes, balls, and other curious shapes. And because it conducts electricity, materials scientists raised the... View Article
  • Orocobre MD/CEO speaks with The Australian

    Orocobre MD/CEO speaks with The Australian

    The Australian | PAUL GARVEY, RESOURCES REPORTER: Much like the lithium market itself, miner Orocobre has proved to be a volatile beast. The Brisbane-based company was at the forefront of the push to bring new sources of lithium on to the market in anticipation of the electric vehicle revolution. It was the first of the... View Article

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