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23 August 2019 Download
Investor Presentation - ORE Investor Presentation_Macquarie Conference_Apr 19_FINAL1.pdf
2 May 2019 Download
22 February 2019 Download
2018 AGM Presentation - ORE Investor Presentation_Nov18-AGM_FINAL_ASX Version1.pdf
23 November 2018 Download
Investor Presentation - ORE Investor Presentation_Nov18_FINAL.pdf
16 November 2018 Download
28 August 2018 Download
Investor Presentation - ORE_Investor-Presentation_July-2018_Final.pdf
2 July 2018 Download
3 May 2018 Download
23 February 2018 Download
Investor Presentation - 16Jan18_OREInvestorPresentation.pdf
16 January 2018 Download
14 November 2017 Download
22 September 2017 Download
21 July 2017 Download
31 May 2017 Download
3 May 2017 Download
28 February 2017 Download
11 November 2016 Download
Investor Presentation - ASX7Nov16_InvestorPresentation.pdf
7 November 2016 Download
16 March 2016 Download
15 March 2016 Download
29 June 2015 Download
2 July 2014 Download
5 May 2014 Download
9 April 2014 Download
29 November 2013 Download
Investor Update Presentation - ASX14Oct13_Investor_Presentation_October2013.pdf
14 October 2013 Download
25 June 2013 Download
17 June 2013 Download
18 March 2013 Download
22 January 2013 Download
18 October 2012 Download
1 September 2012 Download
Roadshow Presentation - 10Jul12_RoadshowPresentation-noLtr.pdf
10 July 2012 Download
25 January 2012 Download
Investor Presentation - 16Dec2011_Investor Presentation.pdf
16 December 2011 Download
20 October 2011 Download
20 July 2011 Download
DFS Presentation - 4May2011_DFS Presentation1.pdf
4 May 2011 Download
12 April 2011 Download
27 January 2011 Download


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  • Nobel Prize Winner Says Battery Recycling Key to Meeting Electric Car Demand

    Nobel Prize Winner Says Battery Recycling Key to Meeting Electric Car Demand

    Recycling batteries is the key to securing enough raw materials to power the surge in electric vehicle demand, according to a winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. “The point is whether EV batteries can be recycled,” said Akira Yoshino, a Japanese chemist who was awarded the prize with two others for their pioneering work... View Article
  • Boeing and Porsche team up to develop flying electric car

    Boeing and Porsche team up to develop flying electric car

    Porsche and Boeing have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace. With this partnership, both companies will leverage their unique market strengths and insights to study the future of premium personal urban air mobility vehicles.
  • Chemistry Nobel Hails Work on Batteries That Changed Society

    Chemistry Nobel Hails Work on Batteries That Changed Society

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a trio of pioneers of the modern lithium-ion battery, which is revolutionising everything from mobile phones to the future of the global car industry. The prize went to M. Stanley Whittingham, a British-American professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton; Japan’s Akira Yoshino, of... View Article

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