Annual Reports

Annual Reports
Annual Report 2021 - ORO039 - Annual Report 2021 Final Web.pdf
25 August 2021 Download
Annual Report 2020 - FY20 Annual Report 2020 Final C1.pdf
28 August 2020 Download
Annual Report - 2019 - Orocobre-Limited_Annual Report 2019-WEB_FINAL.pdf
23 August 2019 Download
Annual Report - 2018 - OROCOBRE_Annual-Report-2018_FINAL1.pdf
16 October 2018 Download
Annual Report - 2017 - ORO004 - Annual Report 2017_WEB1.pdf
27 October 2017 Download
Annual Report - 2016 - ASX13Oct16_AnnualReport_20161.pdf
13 October 2016 Download
Annual Report - 2015 - ASX_23Sep15_Announ_Orocore_Annual_Report1.pdf
23 September 2015 Download
Annual Report - 2014 - ASX_29SEP14_AnnualReport2014.pdf
29 September 2014 Download
Annual Report - 2013 - ASX_30Oct13_AnnualReport2013.pdf
30 October 2013 Download
30 October 2012 Download
28 October 2011 Download
27 October 2010 Download
30 September 2009 Download
Annual Report - 2008 - ASX_26Oct08_AnnualReport2008.pdf
27 October 2008 Download

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  • International Lithium Association (ILiA) established for the ‘lithium century’

    International Lithium Association (ILiA) established for the ‘lithium century’

    ILiA has been formed to provide a central, global voice of the global lithium industry and their stakeholders, and to promote a sustainable and a responsible future for the lithium value chain.   “Our company’s vision to power a sustainable future supports the International Lithium Association’s goal to promote the reliable supply of lithium necessary... View Article
  • Capital proceeds received by Galaxy Shareholders

    Capital proceeds received by Galaxy Shareholders

    The capital proceeds received by Galaxy shareholders in respect of the recently concluded Scheme of Arrangement with Galaxy Resources is determined to be the closing price of Orocobre Limited shares (ASX:ORE) being A$9.52 per share.
  • Unveiling of our new brand and proposed company name

    Unveiling of our new brand and proposed company name

    We are excited to unveil the new brand and proposed company name in this short video, available here:- https://youtu.be/CtRuzyIMzYU Together at Allkem we can connect further with our communities, customers and partners through enhanced sustainability solutions, diversity, product quality and growth opportunities. As a combined team we have the resources to facilitate a global transformation to... View Article

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