Spanish - 2019 - Performance Data
Salud y seguridad - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_Health&Safety_Salud_y_seguridad.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Personas - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_People_Personas.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Medio ambiente - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_Environmental_Medio_Ambiente.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Económico y financiero - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_Economic_Economico.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Comunidades - ES_PerformanceData_FY20 Communities_Comunidades.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Cadena de valor - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_Value Chain_Cadena_de_valor.pdf
25 May 2021 Download
Gobernanza y ética - ES_PerformanceData_FY20_ Governance_Gobernanza.pdf
24 May 2021 Download

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  • 2021 Sustainability Report

    2021 Sustainability Report

    Please click below link to access Orocobre’s 2021 Sustainability report
  • Orocobre September Quarterly Production Briefing

    Orocobre September Quarterly Production Briefing

    Click below to listen to the Orocobre September Quarterly Production briefing held on 22 October at 10am AEST (Brisbane), 11am AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne)
  • International Lithium Association (ILiA) established for the ‘lithium century’

    International Lithium Association (ILiA) established for the ‘lithium century’

    ILiA has been formed to provide a central, global voice of the global lithium industry and their stakeholders, and to promote a sustainable and a responsible future for the lithium value chain.   “Our company’s vision to power a sustainable future supports the International Lithium Association’s goal to promote the reliable supply of lithium necessary... View Article

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